Why Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?

There are many reasons. First and foremost, it is a practical, hands on, self-defense martial art that even our littlest students can actually use in real life situations to protect themselves from bigger, heavier bullies. For ladies, it is perfect. No need to be stronger or in better shape than an attacker, BJJ teaches how to use leverage and pressure to "control" your opponent... or escape any unwanted advances! Great for young ladies working or studying late at night who walk to their cars alone, as once you learn the basics, you are never unarmed. For the guys, it is a fantastic and hard core work out, getting you into some amazing shape and better health in a matter of months. We have entire families that train together! And it doesn't stop there... Many of our students get interested in taking it to the next level, competition! Our academy has fast earned a reputation for producing world champions thanks to Professor Bruno's ability to teach fundamental through expert technique to all ages.

Why chose Brazilian JiuJitsu

There are also some very major differences when training BJJ with us, as opposed to some of the "after school" martial art/homework clubs in town: Our students are not locked into year long contracts, nor charged "belt testing" fees, nor promoted to a new belt every month. Our students enjoy month to month memberships, earn a promotion only when our professor feels they are ready, mentally as well as technically and are never charged for progressing. We also do not teach "striking" (kicking, punching, chopping) nor do we break wood or walk on eggs. Instead, our students learn safe control and escape techniques they can actually use in real life situations... Very effectively. Our students then practice these techniques and "spar" in every class, hands on with each other, our professor and our coaches. However, this is not MMA/UFC fighting (again, no striking). It is ground work, grappling, learning to manipulate the body to control and/or submit your opponent in order to defend yourself. Our students do not learn aggressive behavior, quite the opposite. They build a quiet confidence that promotes patience, tolerance and self-control. Our anti-bullying program for kids focuses on this, as confident kids are rarely the subject of bullying in the first place.

If you were ever curious to try BJJ, you need to just stop by and see why our students (kids and adults) have earned over 22 world titles and 275 medals (and counting)!