Brazilian born Black Belt and current world competitor, Professor Bruno Antunes, is the owner and head instructor at Honor Roll BJJ Academy.

BACKGROUND: Bruno’s journey with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu began in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where he was born.  By the time he was 21 years old, Bruno knew Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu was his passion and he decided to also make it his career. He obtained a teaching position at a local BJJ Academy, and began competing in international tournaments, achieving many titles and recognition in the sport. One of Bruno’s strong points is his understanding of what BJJ offers children; providing them direction, confidence and giving them a strong sense of belonging. He spent many years in Brazil helping kids in need to find a goal in life though the sport.

In 2011 Bruno and his wife Isabela were offered an opportunity to come to the United States and teach BJJ at an Academy here in Santa Clarita. The students instantly took to his teaching style as he is firm but fun, and he takes a genuine interest in every student, spending time with them on and off the mats in social activities. In 2013, Bruno and Isabela bought the Academy and moved it to our current location off of Centre Pointe Parkway, renaming it Honor Roll BJJ.

Bruno remains dedicated to both teaching traditional BJJ to his students and competing regularly at the highly competitive black belt level, participating in many of the top international BJJ tournaments every year.

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Competition Titles:
2003: IBJJF Worlds (Bronze) blue belt
2007: Black Belt challenge (Gold)
2009: IBJJF South Brazilian (Silver)
2010: IBJJF South Brazilian (Silver)
2010: IBJJF South Brazilian (Bronze) Open Division
2010: IBJJF American Nationals (Silver)
2012: IBJJF Phoenix Open (Gold)
2012: IBJJF Pan Americans (Silver)
2012: IBJJF American Nationals Gi (Gold)
2012: IBJJF American Nationals Gi (Gold) Open Division
2012: IBJJF American Nationals NoGi (Silver)
2012: IBJJF American Nationals NoGi (Silver) Open Division
2012: IBJJF Masters Worlds (Bronze)
2012: IBJJF Masters Worlds (Bronze) Open Division
2015: IBJJF American Nationals (Silver)