At some point in your BJJ journey, you notice the competitors. The athletes. The ones who choose to take their practice to the next level, the competition mats. Contrary to what you'd expect, they aren't noticed for their "swagger" or bravado. They are usually among the most humble and helpful students in the class. There is one reason for this... Respect.

Once you get to the level when you make the decision to start competing, that just goes hand in hand with a letting go of ego. You see, Jiu-Jitsu teaches us that champions, those with the real power, have no need to prove it anywhere else than on those competition mats. And even then, it is only to test themselves, to find out their weaknesses and how to improve their game for the next outing.

Competing allows our students to do just that: Challenge themselves, see how they compare to their peers from other acadamies across the nation and the world, and learn the valuable lessons that always come with a trip to the podium; humility, camaraderie and true sportsmanship.

WHEN YOU ARE READY TO TAKE YOUR TRAINING TO THE NEXT LEVEL, ask us about joining the HRBJJ team. All Honor Roll students are eligible to join our competition team pending Professor Bruno's assessment of their readiness. Any student competing for the team must compete with our team patch on their Gi, and sign up under our team name. To get a list of upcoming tournaments the Honor Roll team will be attending in 2016 please see the sign up boards in the academy, or check our TOURNAMENTS PAGE. If you have any questions about readiness or how to get your NABJJF or IBJJF memberships (required to compete), please see one of the staff.