Honor Roll BJJ offers its students exceptional training in the "gentle art" of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. We have something for all levels and ages of students seeking good health, fitness, to learn real self-defense, or even the ability to compete at the international level.

HONOR ROLL BJJ KIDS PROGRAM: We accept students as young as 3 years old. Our kids program is designed to teach the ability to pay attention, follow directions, learn to respect peers & adults, and to introduce basic self-defense techniques and a healthy lifestyle. Consisting of three groups, Little Rollers (3-6), Junior Rollers (7-12) & Teens (13+), we have classes every day except Sundays. READ MORE

HONOR ROLL BJJ ADULTS PROGRAM: We encourage all adults (men and women of all ages) to come and try BJJ. Once you do, you will wish you had started years ago. Its not just about the amazing conditioning and core training, nor is it just about the practical/real life self-defense techniques you will learn, its about a whole new lifestyle. READ MORE

HONOR ROLL BJJ ANTI-BULLYING PROGRAM: Life is filled with enough challenges, being scared to go to school should not be one of them. Our highly acclaimed anti-bullying program "Bullyproof" will teach your kids the basic BJJ techniques to control and escape bigger and meaner kids, safely, and without resorting to hitting or punching back. READ MORE

HONOR ROLL BJJ COMPETITION TEAM: Our fight team is currently ranked 9th in the WORLD by the SJJIF. We have over 30 actively competing adult and kid BJJ fighters on our team whom together have earned 20 IBJJF/SJJIF WORLD TITLES and over 250 Gold, Silver or Bronze medals in the past 2 years. The results speak for themselves. We are the number one BJJ fight team in the SCV. READ MORE

HONOR ROLL BJJ WORLD CHAMPIONS: Meet the 10 current BJJ Champions who have achieved one or more World Titles training with Professor Bruno Antunes and the rest of the HRBJJ team in just the past few years! READ MORE