Welcome to Honor Roll BJJ. Our academy is located in the heart of the Santa Clarita Valley and offers students the chance to learn the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu directly from our Black Belt & Champion instructor, Professor Bruno Antunes. We have both Gi & NoGi classes for students of all ages and levels; beginners to world competitors. Contact us to schedule a ONE WEEK FREE trial: (661) 840-8705 | info@honorrollbjj.com | facebook.com/honorrollbjj

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2014 Honor Roll - Latest Medals & Titles

NABJJF Arizona Open - 4/2014

4 HRBJJ Competitors, 5 medals:

  • 4/19 Daniel Deeder, Gold
  • 4/19 Daniel Deeder, Gold (NoGi)
  • 4/19 Aiden Winslow, Silver
  • 4/19 Raquel Atilano, Silver
  • 4/19 Ryan Atilano, Silver


NAGA Las Vegas - 3/2014

3 HRBJJ competitors, 4 medals:

  • Daniel Deeder, Gold
  • Daniel Deeder, Silver (NoGi)
  • Raquel Atilano, Bronze
  • Ryan Atilano, Bronze
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